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Great chipping aid

I never realized how much my arms were out of sync with my chipping. The FLYT Chipping Sleeve reminded me of the proper technique, and how to rotate back and through properly. I've also had fewer chunks when chipping into the grain.


Excellent training tool

Tim’s Review

I ‘ve found the Flyt Chipping Sleeve is a fantastic aid helping people with their short game!

Great product better customer service

Great product, exactly what I expected. There was a problem with the shipping due to me ordering two of them (one is a gift), customer service resolved the shipping issue immediately! Great service.

Great practice aid

The sleeve really helps you understand how much you need to turn your chest / upper body to hit succesfull chip and small pitch shots ! great help in the learning process

Great tool for coaches and students!

Fantastic learning aid for chipping and pitching! Reinforces a solid trail arm, body rotation chipping action. Just put it on, practice, and get better at chipping! I use it personally and with my students.

Great aid

Great product

Chipping Sleeve

Game Changer

PGA Member Feedback

Awesome product if you are struggling with solid contact. Highly recommend.

Great quality product.

From the moment I opened the box you could tell it was a quality made product. As a bigger bloke I had concerns on if the chipping sleeve would fit around my arm, safe to say it fit with ease. As a +3 handicapper The chipping sleeve has improved the consistancy of my chipping action immensely. Being able to get the ball fight consistent shot after shot has whats impressed me the most.

Giveaway winner

Super great boxing and love the drill!

Great Practice Tool

I’ve used my Chipping Sleeve about for two weeks (half a dozen times). It is helping me eliminate two moves: too much trail wrist extension & taking the club inside. It’s easy to switch between having it on & replicating the feel without the sleeve. I’m committed to using it to improve my consistency. Thanks!


Not very helpful

Only got to use once

Too early to tell

Best golf aid ever!

Anyone that struggles with chipping off of tight lies needs this simple aid. Easy to use. No training required. Creates flawless muscle memory.


Gone from 90 down to 83 the third time out after working with this training aid.
Thank you, Thank you!!!!!

Best golf aid ever

Simple to use. Drives muscle memory into your chipping.


Went from shooting 87-90 to 83-84. Still working on distance control. But so much better than before.
Thank you, Thank you!!!
Bill Sappington

Great tool

Love it. It’s a great tool

Excellent Feedback

I have been using the sleeve with my students and blend it with the alignment stick and really gives the correct feel for proper chipping setup and feel.

There fine gold tees

Good training tool