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Fix for a long-time problem

I have always struggled with getting too narrow at the top and steep in the downswing. I have never been able to feel what it is like to keep my arms in front of my chest throughout the swing. The Swing Extender gave me that feel! With what feels like a shorter swing, I'm hitting it farther than I have ever it before!

FLYT Chipping Sleeve
Gary Cressend
Get structure in your short game

The Flyt chipping sleeve provides players with structure in the trail arm to create a wide body driven chipping motion. Using your bigger muscle groups to create a small motion is how you learn to repeat the motion under any circumstances. Great product for players looking to be more consistent around the greens.

FLYT Cloth Golf Shoe Bag
Christopher Hall
The Strap is incredible

The FLYT strap is a life saver, I got immediate improvements on my swing. This training aid helps me stay connected to my body to deliver the best swing approach that leads to longer more consistent golf shots. Kudos!! Christopher Hall - Professional Long Driver

FLYT Plane Strap
Mark Meadows
Getting better

In just a short time, I can tell this strap is going to help me get my arms and body in the right position for an efficient and effective swing.

FLYT Chipping Sleeve
Sebastian M.

I own a junior golf academy and have a lot of training aids. We got both the right and left sleeves and love using them with students. We use it for chip shots and full swings.

Sometimes students put both on at the same time, which helps them create a big turn in the backswing. Instead of a swing with only their arms.

Multiple students come in during their practice time and practice a lot of wedge shots with them.

Great training aid for daily use. Simple to understand and feel changes in motion.

FLYT Swing Extender
Drew Steckel
PGA Tour Liv coach

Fantastic product love using it!

It works and stops the flip

FLYT Plane Strap
Chad Williams

The strap has been great. Easy to put on by yourself.

FLYT Plane Strap

FLYT Plane Strap

White Tees

Absolutely immaculate tees. Tour quality wood paired with a pristine white paint job. If you’re about hitting bombs you have to get these to help you take FLYT!

FLYT Swing Extender
Will Hocker
Swing Extender

Product is top notch. Great for players of all levels. FLYT Team is the best in the business.

FLYT Chipping Sleeve
Scott Tridle
If you're not at least trying FLYT...

Then you're not trying to get better.

Wanna make chipping like really super simple, easy, with about 10" of forgiveness? Which also leads to the best short game of your life? Be dumber if you don't try the FLYT sleeve; you're the unhelpteachcoachable part of the population that thinks a training aid is a crutch. This sleeve is an invaluable tool to lower scores.

FLYT Chipping Sleeve
Anthony Blokel
Best Golf Training Aid

The FLYT Golf Sleeve is the best training device that I have ever purchased! I own at least 10 different training aids. The FLYT Golf Sleeve is the first aid that works 100% as advertised. And works immediately! UNBELIEVABLE! Tony B.

FLYT Swing Extender

FLYT Swing Extender

FLYT Swing Extender
John Buchanan

So far so good…now I need to own it on the course!

FLYT Chipping Sleeve
Paul Horowitz
Great experience all around

Amazingly quick delivery of a quality product. The Flyt sleeve completely changed my view of what chip mechanics are all about. I had a nasty habit of bending that right elbow coming back which basically pulled my club offline.

Takes a bit of getting used to and have only used it on the range for now, but feels like a game changer to me.

I will also give extra credit to the guys at Flyt, because anytime I have ANY questions, I simply ask on one of the YT vids and they are very good and quick w responses.

Outstanding and easy to use!

WOW! The FLYT sleeve immediately creates that feel I am trying to get my students to achieve in their short game. Great product!

FLYT Chipping Sleeve
Gary Thomson
Excellent aid

Difficult at first but well worth persisting with learning a good repeatable short game stroke

FLYT Swing Extender
David Scharnhorst

Shipped in a timely fashion.

FLYT Chipping Sleeve
Calvin beatty
golf tourney consultant/trainer

this gadget will work for right and left handed swingers, but it supplies the technique to create the muscle memory to develop the swing

Set the club

I’ve struggled with folding my right elbow and breaking down in my backswing. The extender has helped me set the club.

FLYT Chipping Sleeve
Craig Thomson
Chipping saviour

The sleeve has been a great tool to help my chipping by getting a much more consistent strike and reducing the fat /thin chip shots … it takes the hands out of the shot and makes you use your upper body during the swing … this allows for a cleaner impact ..

FLYT Chipping Sleeve
Bob Glorioso
Great 👍🏻

Great results tempo and proper technique
Where have you been my whole life!

Golf Glove

Great glove. I ordered a few of them and they all fit great!!

FLYT Sleeve