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FLYT Sleeve
John Long

Excellent training aid

Golf Glove
Evan Glass
Great glove

As good as any other top glove out there!

FLYT Sleeve
Jeremy S.
A bit pricey but the FLYT sleeve does really help!

I am a 2 handicap, but always struggle with wedges. This has really helped make my shots inside 50 yards more consistent with contact and distance. I’ve shot 2 of of my best scores of the year after using the FLYT sleeve. It’s a little pricey but it costs less than dozens of lessons!

New product

While the sleeve helps it takes some getting used to and is not that comfortable

FLYT Sleeve
Brian Kucaj
worth the money

It gives you the feel and posture you need to correctly chip

FLYT Sleeve
Mike Schy
Amazing we love it

Amazing we love it. Will be a staple at our Academy

FLYT Sleeve
Garry Moore Sr
The Sleeve

This item is great for chipping and pitching.

FLYT Sleeve
eliot clarke

I've always struggled with my short game, chipping around the green in particular. I've had this less then a week and already my confidence around the green has improved. I'm looking forward to improving my game and lowering my scores.

Simple the product works

I could go on for hours how bad my chipping has been historically... I can also add currently a 3 handicap and been as low as plus 2... Here is what I can say product works... Am I the best chipper ever now...No... Am I even average for my current handicap... No.. This product doesn't erase 20 years of mental scaring... I can say it has created a new found confidence in even attempting to chip and not putt from 10 yards out... I can also assure you over time with use of this product.. I will chip with confidence... Cheers to all who read this!!!

FLYT Sleeve
Peter Dwyer
My game is improving

I'm a mid handicapper with a very ordinary short game , I'm always on the lookout for any training aid that will help me improve . Practising with the FLYT chipping sleeve has made rotate my body more and thus reducing the tendency to break my wrists which will result in either a chunk or sculled chip shot . It's still a work in progress but the signs are good

FLYT Sleeve
Mark Westmoreland

Very good product! Has improved my short game considerably.

FLYT Sleeve
Paul Freix
No more skulling chips and pitches.

This has really helped my pitching and chipping. When I first put it on it felt horrible, then I saw the results. The funny thing is I brought it to work and one of the guys put it on and said that is exactly what he feels when he chips. I am a 3 handicapper that chips and pitches like a 36, so this has been embarrassing not being able to pitch with a SW. I would run a 7 iron up on the green because of the fear of chunking or skulling it. Would highly recommend if you are having trouble giving it a try.

FLYT Sleeve
Adam Sides
Solid results

Love it. I have a real bad case of foul or cocking my right wrist. Once on the takeaway and even more on the transition to the downswing of the chip. Making progress but it’s going to take time and practice.
I think if I had a few drills to work on while wearing my FLYT sleeve it would help out more.
Thanks for this helpful training aid

Adam S

FLYT Sleeve
Paul Phillips
Love it

Easy to use training aid that will help you take right hand out of your chipping. This forces you to make a wider, shallower swing which will prevent leading edge of club from digging. It also forces you to use your body to pivot. The instinct is to use your hands for speed. This training aid takes that away from you

FLYT Sleeve
Eric Sexton

It is a great training device!

FLYT Sleeve
Mike Moffat
Chipping sleeve

Somewhat limited practice time so far (spring weather in NE) but early feedback is exactly what I’d hoped for. Practicing without the sleeve I could cheap and fall back into bad habits or what feels comfortable, the Flyt re-enforces proper mechanics.

FLYT Sleeve
Glenn Dellibovi
5.2 Handicap

What a great training aid. I’ve always been hindered by an inactive chest. Not only has this helped with chipping and pitching, but I’ve incorporated it into my full swing on my takeaway. Within an hour of using this, I was sticking 20-30 pitches. I shag a tube (23 balls) with sleeve, then shag a tube without it. I’ll do this 2 or 3 times a day. I highly recommend the FLYT sleeve!

FLYT Sleeve
So far so good

I've only had a chance to use it on my basement carpet with all this snow but this thing has given me a great feeling for what I need to do, which is rotate my chest more and keep the hands more quiet.

FLYT Sleeve
John Wayne
It works

10 to 15 minutes 4 days in a row and my mind understood my swing.

FLYT Sleeve
Joseph Larrew
Highest grade

Very satisfied. High quality!

Love it! Puts me in correct position for chipping.

FLYT Sleeve
Eric Wasinger

The sleeve really works, It makes me take the club back on a much better path. And the feeling of the feedback is amazing. Great training aid..

FLYT Sleeve
Barry Loder
FLYT training aid

It is a great product to help with length on the golf swing. I have used it on both arms and it really improved my iron striking ability! And proper shoulder turn!

Give it a try you will really see the improvement.

FLYT Sleeve
Great chipping aid

I never realized how much my arms were out of sync with my chipping. The FLYT Chipping Sleeve reminded me of the proper technique, and how to rotate back and through properly. I've also had fewer chunks when chipping into the grain.

FLYT Sleeve
Bobby Artis

Excellent training tool