FLYT Chipping Sleeve

FLYT Chipping Sleeve

FLYT Chipping Sleeve

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"Can't believe how good it is. My chipping and pitching has improved dramatically"

- Cameron Percy, PGA Tour Player

Use the FLYT Sleeve 10-30 minutes a day, 2 times per week in the office, at home, or at the course to drastically improve your technique. Ultimately lowering your scores.

Developed by a former touring professional, the patent-pending FLYT Sleeve was designed to provide the necessary resistance and feedback to reduce over activity in your hands and arms, creating more consistency in your strike and trajectory. It trains golfers to control speed and power using your body for improved consistency and results. 

You can find all of the Golf Pros that endorse our sleeve below.

The FLYT Sleeve is designed for all aspects of the golf swing. For full swings it is best utilized on the front/lead arm (left arm for a right-handed golfer), keeping the arm straight in the back swing and reducing over rotation of the club head through the impact zone. When chipping and pitching it is best utilized on the back/trail arm (right arm for a right-handed golfer) promoting the straight arm chipping and pitching technique to minimize the influence of the hands and arms, increasing swing width and using the bounce correctly for a shallow swing every time. During the putting stroke our FLYT Sleeve can be worn on either arm to reduce movement in the right or left hand throughout the putting stroke to achieve the desired result and reduce movement. You can find some of the Golf Pros who endorse our product below.

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About The Sleeve

How To Wear The FLYT Sleeve

Customer Reviews

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Dave Pickett
Excellent training aide

The Foyt sleeve will help anyone’s short game.

Jeffrey Sweeney
Very Helpful

Very Helpful, Took my brain a while to work out what we where trying to achieve

Paul Melia

Can't seem to get my right shoulder to continue to turn past contact to finish. Sleeve not helping that. Any advice?

Gary Cressend
Get structure in your short game

The Flyt chipping sleeve provides players with structure in the trail arm to create a wide body driven chipping motion. Using your bigger muscle groups to create a small motion is how you learn to repeat the motion under any circumstances. Great product for players looking to be more consistent around the greens.

Sebastian M.

I own a junior golf academy and have a lot of training aids. We got both the right and left sleeves and love using them with students. We use it for chip shots and full swings.

Sometimes students put both on at the same time, which helps them create a big turn in the backswing. Instead of a swing with only their arms.

Multiple students come in during their practice time and practice a lot of wedge shots with them.

Great training aid for daily use. Simple to understand and feel changes in motion.

How To Wear Your Chipping Sleeve Correctly:

  1. Pull Chipping Sleeve on to arm (Right arm for right-handers and left arm for left-handers).
  2. Fingers should protrude from openings at the bottom.
  3. Top of Chipping Sleeve should be halfway up bicep with top velcro strap just below the elbow, bottom velcro strap just above the wrist.
  4. Align insert on the back of hand approximately one inch up from knuckles.
  5. Insert should run from the back of the hand up outside of the forearm between the inner and outer elbow.
  6. Fasten Velcro straps to hold the insert in place.
  7. Elevate Your Game.


“The FLYT Sleeve is fantastic. My pitching has improved a ton. I have saved 4-5 shots a round inside 40 yards since using it. My first round after practicing with it I pitched in for eagle on the first hole from 35 yards!”

Pete M

“My first round after using the FLYT Sleeve I had 11 chip and pitch shots. Old me would’ve up and downed 3 of those. The new me thanks to the FLYT Sleeve hit nine inside 8ft, three of which were gimmes and I made most of the others. MASSIVE improvement! FLYT is the real deal!”

Garrett C

“I have been using the FLYT Sleeve for a number of weeks now and the difference has been incredible! I am routinely chipping and pitching the ball inside 8 feet, giving myself so many more opportunities to shoot lower scores! I am excited for other people to start using the FLYT Sleeve, not to mention the hats and gloves are awesome!”

Richard S