FLYT Swing Extender

FLYT Swing Extender

FLYT Swing Extender

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The Swing Extender is one of the most effective full swing golf training aids in the world. It is simple and easy to use, putting the golfer into the perfect position at the top of their backswing.

The Swing Extender fastens around your bicep on the trail arm (right arm for a right-handed golfer) just above the elbow, putting the golfer in a 90-degree “power-angle” at the top of the backswing. This position creates a wide arc promoting greater length and accuracy. This 90 degree “power-angle” prevents the golfer's lead arm (left arm for a right-handed golfer) from breaking down or collapsing at the top of the backswing, one of the leading, contributing factors to reduced distance.

The Swing Extender is designed for golfers of every level, from beginner, all the way up to touring professional. It has been used by some of golf's biggest names, including six-time major champion Phil Mickelson and Golf Digest Top 5 instructor, Mike Bender.

How to Use

  1. Prepare Swing Extender: Remove your Swing Extender from the box and loosen the velcro enough to create a loop for step 2.
  2. Positioning: Put your trail arm (right arm for a right handed golfer) through the loop created by the velcro strap with the right angle positioned near the inner elbow joint.
  3. Secure: The Swing Extender mold should sit on the lower extremity of the bicep. Once positioned correctly, fasten the velcro strap to the desired tension. The closer you position the right angle of the Swing Extender to the elbow the more restrictive your backswing will be.
  4. Elevate Your Game: Start putting yourself in the ‘Power Position’ every time!

About Tommy Brannen (PGA Master Professional, Augusta Country Club)

Tommy Brannen is a PGA Master Professional who is highly respected throughout the PGA of America. He has served as the Director of Golf at Augusta Country Club for over 20 years. In the prior 18 years at Augusta Country Club, he served in the same capacity at another of Georgia’s most elite clubs, the Atlanta Athletic Club. He will be inducted into the Georgia PGA Hall of Fame October 2022.

Tommy and his wife Melanie had sourced, warehoused, and distributed the Swing Extender out of the stockroom at Augusta Country Club since its early 2000’s inception. Tommy created the Swing Extender out of frustration, “I wanted so desperately to find a way for my students to actually experience what the proper positioning of their arms should feel like, and thereby reap the positive effects of this action. I’ve had tremendous responses and results from golfers who use the Swing Extender”. The simplest ideas are often the best. Orders have continued to ship all around the world both through direct online purchases and numerous distribution channels through relationships Tommy cultivated over the years.

Tommy has always been an innovator and is a valuable addition to FLYT Golf. He resides in Augusta Georgia where he still teaches. He and Melanie have two sons Chandler and Barrett.

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Customer Reviews

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Dave Pickett
Excellent product

Love the product! Great for any swing

Paul T
Fix for a long-time problem

I have always struggled with getting too narrow at the top and steep in the downswing. I have never been able to feel what it is like to keep my arms in front of my chest throughout the swing. The Swing Extender gave me that feel! With what feels like a shorter swing, I'm hitting it farther than I have ever it before!

Drew Steckel
PGA Tour Liv coach

Fantastic product love using it!

Will Hocker
Swing Extender

Product is top notch. Great for players of all levels. FLYT Team is the best in the business.


FLYT Swing Extender

How To Wear Your Chipping Sleeve Correctly:

  1. Pull Chipping Sleeve on to arm (Right arm for right-handers and left arm for left-handers).
  2. Fingers should protrude from openings at the bottom.
  3. Top of Chipping Sleeve should be halfway up bicep with top velcro strap just below the elbow, bottom velcro strap just above the wrist.
  4. Align insert on the back of hand approximately one inch up from knuckles.
  5. Insert should run from the back of the hand up outside of the forearm between the inner and outer elbow.
  6. Fasten Velcro straps to hold the insert in place.
  7. Elevate Your Game.